Michael Sukkarieh Page
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I have more than 10 years experience in Information Technology  (i.e., Telecommunications, Internet, Client/Server Architecture, Information Security and Control). For more details, you can refer to http://www.sukkarieh.net/ .  I have developed expertise in the following area:

      Information security and audit

      Software development

      Project and program management

      IT corporate strategies

      Adjunct Professor of the RVCC Computer Science Department

Key Accomplishments

     Taught as an adjunct professor of computer science at Raritan Valley Community College in NJ, teaching computer science courses including information security, OS and development courses.

      Assisted clients with design and implementation of secure, distributed information solutions, including incident response strategy and business recovery planning.

      Assisted in developing corporate information security strategies to meet HIPAA , BS7799 and EU directive compliance.

      Delivered Information Security Training for multinational clients to a mixed technical and business audiences. Topics included Network-based security, host-based security, PKI and Kerberos among other topics

      Managed all aspects of controls related issues such as information security, business continuity, and change and problem management.

      Managed several large security technology review projects, performed several information security assessments and risk assessments.

      Delivered numerous security policies and architecture assessments.

      Delivered and participated in architecture designs, analysis and proof of concepts for I-net access.

      Met regularly with operations, engineering individuals as well as business Managers. For presenting findings and recommendations to Senior and Executive Management up to and including the CIO.

      Worked for five years as an Information Technology (IT) Analyst and as a Project Manager in the financial industry.

      Spent six years in software development.  Responsibilities included leading teams for designing, implementing and testing software for various firmware and software initiatives.

      Obtained privileges of top secret clearance to work on US military projects.

      Worked on various commercial projects such as developing foreign Spell Checkers and firmware design for telecommunication equipment.

Education & Professional Development

Degree Certification Concentration Institution
CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) Information Security An ICS2 Professional Certification 2000
MBA Finance Long Island University 1998
MSSS Expert Systems University of Binghamton 1989
BSCS Computer Science and Math University of Binghamton 1987
Other include

      Digital Detective Workshop Series

      Information Security Training

      Introduction to Cisco configuration

      Security Control & Audit

      Auditing MVS & ESA

      Auditing UNIX security & Internet Vulnerabilities

      Introduction to DEC/VAX/VMS OS Advanced Audit, Control and Security

      Time Management

      Introduction to SONAR

      Software Engineering in ADA