Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

10993 and 10994

Course Coordinator:  Fall, 2003– Professor J. Buttler

Syllabus Revised: July 2002

Course Description: Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing is one of two 7 ˝ week module courses taught in the third semester of the four semester nursing clinical courses.  It is designed to introduce students to basic concepts of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing.  The course is based on a holistic and humanistic framework, emphasizing critical thinking, caring and nursing practice competencies. It progresses from the study of individuals and groups experiencing high-level wellness to variations in wellness experiences.  Continuing themes of growth and development across the life span, therapeutic communications, nutrition, social, cultural, racial and ethnic dimensions, pharmacotherapeutics, client advocacy, teaching, and legal and ethical standards are explored.   Emphasis is placed on counseling and personal self-awareness and self-growth.  Traditional psychotherapeutic and alternative healing methods are addressed.  Students have the opportunity to carry out the nursing process and develop beginning level clinical skills in individual and group counseling at a variety of mental health agencies and with a diverse group of psychiatric clients.  The course includes four lecture hours, twelve clinical hours and independent lab per week.  Satisfactory clinical evaluation and a minimum theory grade of “C” (75) are required for progression in the program.  Fall offering only.

  Course Objectives:  Upon completion of the course, a student should be able to:

  1.       Identify and describe theoretical and methodological concepts of psychiatric mental health nursing that serve as the foundation for the practice of psychiatric-mental health nursing in the micro and macro society and the larger global community.

  1. Describe the holistic/integrative theoretical model that serves as the foundation for psychiatric-mental health nursing, with emphasis on humanistic-existential theories, and including psychoanalytic, cognitive, behavioral, biological, alternative, sociological and family therapy approaches.
  1. Identify historical movements in mental health care and in particular the role of psychiatric-mental health nursing within the larger mental health system.
  1. Review psychological concepts that are foundational for psychiatric-mental health nursing: growth and development across the lifespan; communication theory, social, cultural, racial and ethnic dimensions; human needs; thoughts, feelings and behavior; stress, anxiety and conflict; frustration and coping.
  1. Identify and describe the major concepts used in psychiatric mental health nursing practice: self-awareness and self-growth; psychiatric assessment and treatment planning; phenomenology and individual counseling; crisis and brief therapy; cognitive and behavioral approaches (behavioral interventions and stress management); sociological approaches (milieu therapy); group dynamics and group therapy; and psychopharmacology.

     e.       Identify major psychiatric disorders and therapeutic interventions for individuals experiencing the various                disorders.

  1. Describe contemporary social, political, cultural, legal, ethical, and economic issues influencing psychiatric-mental health nursing.

2.        Demonstrate the ability to access current research and critically analyze scholarly work in psychiatric-mental health nursing.  

a.  Identify a psychiatric-mental health disorder , review the literature and critique the research.

3.        Provide effective direct care to clients experiencing psychiatric disorders.

  1. Apply psychiatric-mental health concepts, theories and appropriate therapeutic interventions for clients  demonstrating a variety of psychiatric behaviors and disorders.
  1. Demonstrate effective therapeutic communication during informal client interactions and during formal counseling sessions.
  1. Demonstrate effective assessment skills, develop effective progress notes and psychiatric plans of care utilizing critical thinking skills.
  1. Demonstrate safety and comfort principles and psychomotor skill competencies with psychiatric clients.
  1. Demonstrate a beginning level ability to function effectively as a therapeutic group leader by facilitating a stress management therapeutic group.
  1. Develop an awareness of community agencies and groups by attending one community experience in a primary or secondary health-care setting.

4.       Function as a member within the discipline of nursing.

  1. Develop an awareness and understanding of self with an increased ability to use self in a  therapeutic manner.
  1. Demonstrate client advocacy by recognizing and insuring client and colleague’s legal rights are safeguarded.
  1. Demonstrate professional behavior and high ethical standards as defined by the ANA Code of Ethics and current ethical guidelines.
  1. Exhibit concern for the dignity and welfare of others by speaking and behaving respectfully and maintaining confidentiality in regard to client communication and student and faculty sharing in pre and post-conference groups.
  1. Collaborate, cooperate and establish effective professional working relationships with mental health practitioners, students, instructor and members of the psychiatric team.
  1. Demonstrate qualities necessary for the effective practice of psychiatric nursing: integrity, cooperation, collaboration, dependability, responsibility, judgment, initiative, self-confidence, and appropriate physical presentation.
  1. Seek supervision from instructor concerning client care, self-awareness and self-growth issues.


Course Outline:

Unit 1            Historical, conceptual and theoretical perspectives: historical trends; psychological concepts (growth and development across the lifespan, communication theory, social, cultural, racial and ethnic dimensions, human needs; thoughts, feelings and behavior; stress and anxiety; conflict, frustration and coping. Theoretical models (holistic/integrative theoretical model emphasizing humanistic-existential theory, as well as psychoanalytic, cognitive, behavioral, biological, alternative, sociological and family therapy approaches)

                       (Accessing current research and critically analyzing scholarly work in psychiatric-mental health nursing)

Unit 2              Psychiatric-mental health nursing practice concepts:  Self-awareness and self-growth, communication theory and therapeutic communication, phenomenology and individual counseling, psychosocial assessment and planning of care, group dynamics and therapeutic groups, stress management, therapeutic milieu, crisis theory and intervention, biological therapies and pharmacotherapeutics.

Unit 3.            Personality traits, personality styles and personality disorders.

Unit 4              Mentally healthy individuals and self-growth work, adjustment disorders, problems in living, and disorders of developmental periods (children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly), and psychophysiological disorders.

Unit 5             Clients with substance-related disorders and eating disorders.

Unit 6             Clients with anxiety, somatoform and dissociative disorders.

Unit 7             Clients with affective disorders, suicide and grief.

Unit 8             Clients with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders and organic mental disorders

Unit 9             Clients with sexual disorders, sleep disorder and impulse-control disorders

Unit 10          Trauma, violence and abuse

Unit 11          Contemporary social, political, economical, ethical and legal issues influencing psychiatric nursing including the chronic mentally ill, persons with AIDS, grief and loss, and community mental health.


Methods of Instruction: Lecture, discussion, demonstration, clinical experience.


American Psychiatric Association (2000)  Quick reference to diagnostic criteria from DSM-IV-TR.  Wash. , D.C.:  APA.

 Davis , M., Eshelman, E. & McKay, M. (1995) The relaxation and stress reduction workbook (4th ed.)  California :  New Harbinger Publications.

Fortinash, K. & Holoday-Worret, P.A. (2000)  Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing.  New York :  Mosby.


Evaluation Methods:  See specific assignments in syllabus (pg. 10-16)

    4       Quizes                                                                                   40%                       

     1 -     Final Exam                                                                            40%

     1 -     Critical Analysis Research Paper                                      10%

     1 -     Clinical Grade (see below)                                                  10%




10% Clinical Grade

1 - Stress Management Demonstration Group

5 - Psychiatric Nursing Worksheets

1 - Journal (12 entries)


The clinical grade will primarily consist of journals, stress management demonstrations and worksheets/care plans. However: all clinical objectives will contribute to the final grade.


Attendance:  Students are required to attend all classes regularly.  Students are allowed absences amounting to the equivalent of one, 6 hr. clinical day and one, 2 hr. class lecture.  Students will be withdrawn if absences result in more than the allowed.  Lateness:  Students will be marked absent if arriving more than ˝ hour late to class or clinical.


Exam Policy:  Exam dates are listed on the course calendar.  Make-up exams will be

Permitted only if the absence is for a serious reason.  ONLY ONE MAKE-UP EXAM will be

Permitted.  Hourly exams will be available for review during office hours FOR ONE WEEK AFTER THE GRADES ARE RETURNED.  The final exam is a departmental exam and will not be available for review.

The course content is separated into eleven units. Students are evaluated by four, noncumulative, multiple-choice quizzes. The quizzes and exam test breadth knowledge and emphasize comprehension,  application and critical thinking in regard to  theoretical concepts.

 Fall 2002                                                 

Course Calendar:  Psychiatric Nursing – Module  1

Day                    Date            Time                      Place                                     Topic/Assignment


Wed                   9/4               8:00-2:20                campus class                      Orientation and Unit I 

Thurs.               9/5               8:25-10:20             campus class                      Unit I   (chap. 3, 9, 10, 11 and 1)


Mon                    9/9              9:25-11:20             campus class                       Unit II (2,7,8,25,22,26,23)

Tues                  9/10          8-2:20                      on campus                           complete Unit II                              

Wed.                   9/11            8-2:20                   on campus                            CLINICAL TRAINING DAY

Thurs.                9/12            8:25-10:20             campus class                      Quiz #1


Mon.                   9/16            9:25-11:20            campus class                        Unit III (chap. 15)

Tues.                  9/17           8-2:20                    clinical   orientation                            

Wed.              9/18        8-2:20                    clinical                  

Thurs              9/19        8:25-10:20             campus class             Unit IV (chap. 18, 21, 31)


Mon.                   9/23            9:25-11:20            campus class                        Quiz #2

Tues.                 9/24            8-2:20                    clinical

 Wed.                  9/25            8-2:20                    clinical  

 Thurs.               9/26            8:25-10:20            campus class                       Unit V (chap. 16, 19)          


Mon.                   9/30            9:25-11:20            campus class                        Complete Unit V

Tues.                 10/1            8-2:20                  clinical

Wed.                   10/2            8-2:20                  clinical                                    

Thurs                 10/3            8:25-10:20             campus class                      Unit  VI (chap. 12)  PAPER DUE      


 Mon.                  10/7            9:25-11:20            campus class                        Quiz #3

Tues.                 10/8            8-2:20                    clinical

Wed.                   10/9            8-2:20                    clinical  

Thurs                 10/10          8:25-10:20             campus class                      Unit VII


Mon.                   10/14          9:25-11:20             campus class                       Unit VIII (chap. 14,17)

Tues.                 10/15          8-2:20                    clinical

Wed.                   10/16          8-2:20                   clinical                   

Thurs.                10/17          8:25-10:20             campus class                      Unit IX (chap.  20)


Mon                    10/21          9:25-11:20             campus class                       Quiz #4

Tues                  10/22          8-2:20                    on campus                           Unit X and XI (chap. 27,32,33.5)








 Fall 2002

Course Calendar:  Psychiatric Nursing – Module  2                              


Day                    Date            Time                      Place                                     Topic/Assignment


Wed.                 10/23            8-2:20                    on campus                          Orientation and Unit I

Thurs.              10/24          8:25-10:20             campus class                      Unit I  (chap. 3,9,10,11,and 1)

Mon.                 10/28         9:25-11:20             campus class                          Unit II (chap. 2,7,8,25,22,26,23)

Tues.                10/29         8-2:20                      on campus                           Unit II - finish


Wed.                  10/30        8-2:20                  on campus                    CLINICAL TRAINING DAY                    

Thurs.                       10/31          8:25-10:20                   campus class                                    Quiz #1

Mon.                   11/4          9:25-11:20             campus class                        Unit III (chap. 15)

Tues.                         11/5              8-2:20                        clinical orientation


Wed.              11/6        8-2:20               clinical 

Thurs.                 11/7           8:25-10:20              campus class                        Unit IV (chap. 18,21,31)    

Mon.                    11/11       9:25-11:20              campus class                         Quiz #2

Tues.                  11/12         8-2:20                      clinical                                


Wed.                  11/13           8-2:20                         clinical                                                

Thurs.                11/14          8:25-10:20               campus class                        Unit V (chap.16, 19)

Mon.                   11/18          9:25-11:20               campus class                       Unit VI (chap. 12)

Tues.                 11/19          8-2:20                      clinical


Wed.                   11/20          8-2:20                      clinical                

Thurs.                11/21          8:25-10:20               campus class                       Quiz #3  

Mon.                   11/25          9:25-11:20               campus class                        Unit VII (chap.13,28,29)

Tues.                 11/26          8-2:20                     clinical


Wed.                   11/27          8-2:20                      clinical                

Thurs.                11/28              HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Mon.                   12/2            9:25-11:20               campus class                      Unit VIII (chap. 14, 17)

Tues.                 12/3          8-2:20                         clinical                              

Wed.                   12/4            8-2:20                      clinical               

Thurs.                12/5          8:25-10:20                 campus class                       Unit IX (chap. 20)             

Mon.                   12/9            9:25-11:20               campus class                         Unit X and XI (chap. 27,32,33,5)

Tues.            12/10       8-2:20                      clinical                


Wed..                 12/11          8-2:20                     clinical

Thurs.                12/12        8:25-10:20               campus class                       Quiz #4

Final Exam to be announced


****Please note:  Calendar is subject to change.


Updated 7/20/02
























Course Calendar:  Psychiatric Nursing – Module  1


Day     Date     Time            Place            Topic/Assignment


Thurs.               9/6          8:25-10:20      campus Class                      Orientation 

Mon.                  9/10        9:25-11:20      campus Class                      Unit I (hx. of psych, chap. 3, 9, 10, 11 and 1)


Tues.                 9/11        8-2:20                    on campus                 Complete Unit I

                                                                                                                                Begin Unit 2 (chap. 2,7,8,25,22,26,23)

Wed.                   9/12        8-2:20                    on campus                 Unit 2

Thurs.                9/13        8:25-10:20      campus class                      Quiz #1

Mon.                  9/17        9:25-11:20      campus class                      Unit 3 (chap. 15)


Tues.                 9/18        8-2:20                    on campus                 CLINICAL TRAINING DAY

Wed.                  9/19        8-2:20                    clinical                                   clinical orientation

Thurs.                9/20        8:25-10:20      campus class                      Unit 4 (chap. 18,21,31)              

 Mon.                  9/24        9:25-11:20      campus Class                      Quiz #2


Tues.                 9/25        8-2:20                    clinical                  

 Wed.                 9/26        8-2:20                    clinical

 Thurs.               9/27        8:25-10:20      campus class                      Unit 5 (chap. 16. 19)                      

  Mon.                 10/1        9:25-11:20            campus class                      Unit 6 (chap. 12)            


 Tues.                10/2        8-2:20                    clinical                  

 Wed.                 10/3        8-2:20                    clinical

 Thurs.               10/4        8:25-10:20      campus class                      Quiz #3

  Mon.                 10/8        9:25-11:20      campus class                      Unit  7 (chap.13, 28, 29) ) PAPER DUE      


 Tues.                10/9        8-2:20                    clinical                  

 Wed.                 10/10      8-2:20                    clinical

 Thurs.               10/11      8:25-10:20      campus class                      Unit 8 (chap. 14, 17))

 Mon.                  10/15      9:25-11:20      campus class                      Quiz #4


 Tues.                10/16      8-2:20                    clinical                  

 Wed.                 10/17      8-2:20                    clinical

 Thurs.               10/18      8:25-10:20            campus class                      Unit 9 (chap. 20)

 Mon.                  10/22      9:25-11:20      campus class                      Unit 10 (chap. 27)


Mon                    10/19      8-9:50                    campus Class                      Unit 11 (chap. 32, 33, 5)

Tues                  10/20      8-2:20                    clinical

Wed                    10/21      8-2:20                    campus class                     

Thurs                 10/22      8-9:50                    campus Class                      Final Exam


****Please note:  Calendar is subject to change.




Course Calendar:  Psychiatric Nursing – Module  2     


Day     Date     Time            Place            Topic/Assignment


Thurs.               10/25      8:25-10:20      campus class                      Orientation

Mon.                  10/29      9:25-11:20      campus class                      Unit 1 (hx. of psych, 3, 9, 10, 11, 1)

Tues.                10/30      8-2:20                    on campus                 Complete Unit 1                                                                                 

 Wed.                 10/31      8-2:20                    on campus                 Unit 2 (chap. 2,7, 8, 25, 22, 23)


Thurs.                11/1        8:25-10:20      campus class                      Quiz #1

Mon.                   11/5        9:25-11:20      campus class                       Unit 3 (chap. 15)

Tues.                 11/6        8-2:20                    on campus                 Unit 4 (chap. 18, 21, 31)  

Wed.                  11/7        8-2:20                    on campus                 CLINICAL TRAINING DAY


Thurs.                11/8        8:25-10:20      campus class                      Quiz #2

Mon.                  11/12      9:25-11:20      campus class                      Unit 5 (chap. 15, 18))

Tues.                 11/13      8-2:20                    clinical                                   clinical orientation

 Wed.                 11/14      8-2:20                    clinical


Thurs.                11/15      8:25-10:20      campus class                      Unit  6 ( chap. 12)

Mon.                  11/19      9:25-11:20      campus class                      Quiz #3

Tues.                 11/20      8-2:20                    clinical                  

Wed.                  11/21        8-2:20                  clinical


Thurs.                11/22                      THANKSGIVING – NO CLASS                  

Mon.                  11/26      9:25-11:20      campus class                      Unit 7 (chap. 13, 28, 29)

Tues.                 11/27      8-2:20                    clinical                  

Wed.                   11/28      8:2:20                     clinical


Thurs.                11/29      8:25-10:20      campus class                      Unit  8 – Ch. 25 and PAPER DUE

Mon.                  12/3        9:25-11:20      campus class                      Quiz #4

Tues.                 12/4        8-2:20                    clinical                  

Wed.                   12/5        8-2:20                    clinical                  


Thurs.                12/6        8:25-10:20      campus class                      Unit 9 (chap. 20)

Mon.                  12/10      9:25-11:20      campus class                      Unit 10 (chap. 27)

Tues.                 12/11      8-2:20                    clinical                  

Wed.                   12/12      8-2:20                    clinical                  


Thurs.                12/13      8:25-10:20      campus class                      Unit 11 (chap. 32, 33, 5)


FINAL EXAM DATE:  To Be Announced


****Please note:  Calendar is subject to change.